Setting up the webinar registration page

In your webinar settings metabox, click on the tab Registration Page. This is the page your registrants will see when they register to attend your webinar. Your webinar registration page consists of five sections:

  • General
  • Form & Tab Layout
  • Register tab
  • Login tab
  • Description

In the General section you will be able to set the background color of the whole registration page or upload a background image which will cover the whole background of the page. If both the background color and a background image are being configured, then the background image will override and will be shown instead of the background color.

The content type is the left part of the registration page. You can insert an image or video here. You can load your video from different sources like Youtube or Vimeo, but its also possible to load an MP4 video file from any URL (your own server or Amazon for example) you like. Be aware that not every webinar source is available in the Lite version of WP WebinarSystem, and you need to own a license for WP WebinarSystem Pro to make use of every content type/source we have available at the moment.

Depending on your video source, it's also possible to show the video controls or hide them, and start the video automatically with the autoplay functionality or not. Some video hosts (like Vimeo) aren't supporting autoplay due to mobile use and high usage because of videos that are being auto played. Unfortunately we can't override this.

In this general section you can also adjust the colors of the webinar title and the webinar date and time.

In the Form & Tab Layout section, you can select the Background color, border color, font color, Tab background color, Tab text color, create Register tab text, and create Login tab text.

In the Register Tab section, you can add your Register Title text, Register text, select Button Background color, Button Border color, Button text color, and add CTA Button Text.

In the Login Tab section, you can create a login Title, add login text, select a Button background color, Button border color, Button text color, and create a Login Button Text.

In the Description section, you can select the colors for your description text, Description background, and description border color.

When you are through setting your webinar registration page preferences, click on Save Draft or Publish to save your changes. You can then preview your registration page by clicking the preview page button in the upper right corner of the webinar settings menu.

After clicking the preview button, another page will open allowing you to preview your changes. Your preview should have something similar to the illustration below depending on what your preferences are.