Setting up the webinar countdown page

In your webinar settings menu, click on the tab Countdown Page. The webinar countdown page only consists of a General section. The webinar countdown page will keep you abreast with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to the time of your webinar.

In the General section you will be able to set the background color of the whole countdown page or upload a background image which will cover the whole background of the page. If both the background color and a background image are being configured, then the background image will override and will be shown instead of the background color.

In this tab, you can also configure the color of the title, tagline and description. At last there is a switch to show the countdown timer or hide it. When activated there will be a timer which is counting down till the webinar starts.

When you are through setting your webinar Countdown Page preferences, click on Save Draft to save your changes. You can then preview your Countdown Page by clicking the preview page button in the upper right corner of the webinar settings menu.

After clicking the preview button, another page will open allowing you to preview your changes. Your preview should look something similar to the illustration shown below, depending on what your preferences are.